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Alesis MicLink
The MicLink from Alesis is as an elegant a solution as it is simple for directly recording a micr..
Allen Heath ICE-16
The ICE-16 16 Channel Multitrack Recorder by Allen & Heath records 16 tracks of audio directl..
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Apogee Electronics Duet Breakout Box
The Duet 2 Breakout Box from Apogee is an optional accessory that provides a more robust I/O solu..
Apogee Electronics JAM Studio Quality Guitar Input
JAM from Apogee is a pocket-sized, plug and play interface that brings the legendary sound qualit..
Behringer UCA202
The Behringer UCA202 is an ultra-compact, bus-powered interface that can link a Windows or Mac co..
Behringer UCA222  1.1
The U-CONTROL UCA222 from Behringer is a low cost solution for getting audio in and out of a comp..
Behringer UFO202  1.1
The U-CONTROL UFO202 from Behringer is a low cost solution for transferring vinyl records and tap..
E-MU 0204 USB 2.0
The 0204 USB 2.0 from E-MU is a compact and portable 2-in/4-out USB audio interface, especially a..
Echo AudioFire Pre8 16 x 16 FireWire Audio/MIDI
The AudioFire Pre8 from Echo is a FireWire audio and MIDI interface that's compatible with both W..
Echo AudioFire12 12 Input / 12 Output 24bit/192kHz FireWire
The AudioFire12 is a 12 input/12 output audio interface that offers the same high quality hardwar..
Echo AudioFire4 FireWire
The AudioFire4 FireWire Audio Interface from Echo Digital Audio is a compact, high-performance Fi..
Focusrite iTrack Professional Dock Para iPad
iTrack Dock carga y alimenta al iPad, así que no gasta la batería. Incorpora convertidores ..
Focusrite iTrack Studio Kit para iPad, PC & Mac
The iTrack Studio Bundle from Focusrite includes everything you need to get started recording you..
Focusrite Scarlett Studio Kit Para Músicos
The Scarlett Studio from Focusrite provides everything needed, right down to the microphone cable..
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Lexicon Alpha Studio
The Alpha Studio from Lexicon is extremely compact, desktop recording studio that includes a USB ..
Line 6 Sonic Port Guitar System para iOS
The Sonic Port Guitar System for iOS from Line 6 is designed to connect your guitar, bass, or ste..
M-Audio M-Track Quad
The M-Track Quad from M-Audio is a 4-channel USB audio/MIDI interface, featuring resolution up to..
Mackie Onyx Blackjack
The Onyx Blackjack from Mackie is a 2 x 2 USB recording Interface featuring two boutique-quality ..
MOTU 8pre 16 Input 12 Output
The 8pre from MOTU is a FireWire based audio interface with eight microphone/instrument preamps t..
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MOTU MicroBook II
The MicroBook II from MOTU is a roadworthy, pocket-sized audio interface that delivers profession..
MOTU PCIe424 Card Card for PCI Express Core System
The PCIe-424 card from MOTU is a component of the company's 424 hard disc recording systems and i..
MOTU Travelermk3 FireWire
The Traveler-mk3 from MOTU can function as both a FireWire audio interface or stand-alone mixer, ..
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MXL MicMate Pro  Adapter fors with XLR Outputs
The MXL MicMate Pro USB Adapter Interface converts the XLR output on professional microphones, to..
Native Instruments KOMPLETE 6
KOMPLETE AUDIO 6 from Native Instruments is a 6 input/6 output USB 2.0 audio interface that provi..
Native Instruments TRAKTOR 2 Ultra Compact DJ
TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 from Native Instruments is an ultra small USB DJ soundcard that can still functio..
PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL
The AudioBox 22VSL from PreSonus is a portable 2 input/2 output USB 2.0 audio and MIDI interface ..
PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL
The AudioBox 44VSL from Presonus is a portable 4 input/4 output USB 2.0 audio and MIDI interface ..
PreSonus AudioBox Studio Set
The AudioBox Studio Set from Presonus is a complete hardware/software recording bundle that requi..
RME Babyface Silver Edition
The Babyface Silver Edition from RME is a bus powered audio interface that is equipped with the l..
Roland UA-33 Tri-Capture USB
The new head of its class is the multifaceted TRI-CAPTURE USB interface - a unique, compact audio..
Sonuus Midi Products G2M V2
Any Electric Guitar can be used as a Solo MIDI Guitar. No Guitar Modifications or Special Pic..
Sonuus Midi Products i2M
16-bit, 44·1kHz/48kHz Digital Audio with Hi-Z Input Preamp Any Musical Instrument can be use..
Sound Devices USB Pre 2
The USBPre 2 from Sound Devices is a high-resolution, portable interface that connects profession..
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Steinberg UR22
La interfaz de audio y MIDI UR22 destaca por sus aclamados previos de micro D-PRE, conversores a ..
Steinberg UR28M
The UR28M from Steinberg is a USB 2.0, DSP-powered digital audio interface featuring 4 inputs and..
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Steinberg UR824
The UR824 USB 2.0 interface conveys pristine, transparent audio quality through various analog an..
Tascam US600 Audio/MIDI
The US-600 from Tascam is a 6-input/4-output USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interface housed in a lightweight..
The AUDIOGRAM6 from Yamaha is a computer-based recording system that is easy to set-up and use. T..
Alesis iO Dock II
The Alesis iO Dock II transforms your full-size iPad into a pro recording system, whether it has ..
Allen & Heath ZED-10 Mixer multi propósito
  4 Entradas micro/línea, 2 con entradas de alta impedancia Clase A FET. Entradas m..
Allen & Heath ZED436 - 36-Input 4-Bus Mixer USB
  Tiene un conjunto de características verdaderamente profesional, que se adaptan a cua..
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Apogee Duet 2 USB
  Duet2 es la mejor solución para capturar tu música en Mac. Es posible realizar graba..
Apogee Electronics Quartet para iPad & Mac
Ofrece cuatro entradas combinadas, entrada de micrófono, instrumento y línea, con un rango de g..
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Apogee Electronics Symphony I/O 2x6
Apogee Symphony I/O is a modular multi-channel audio interface featuring premium AD/DA conv..
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VCA-Less Vactrol Opto-Compression Design, Mastering Quality Audio Signal Path with Tube Gain ..
ART USB Dual Pre
  Número de canales: 2 Módulos dinámicos disponibles: - Módulos de filtro di..
Audiophile USB/Audio Interface with Built-in Phono Preamp for Digitalizing Your Tapes and Vinyl R..
Professional and multi-purpose direct injection box for stage and studio applications Provide..
24-bit/96kHz AD/DA Conversion 2 Channels Simultaneous Outputs Sample Rate Sync Di..
Behringer UM2 Interfaz de Audio